Welcome to AAlind Fortuna

The growth space in Mindspace

Truly, an office space is worth the money it is capable of making. Presenting ‘AAlind Fortuna’. A unique, commercial complex that means Dollars to IT entrepreneurs, Rupees to Financial organizations and perhaps, Dirhams to other new-age businesses.

Located in the business capital of Mindspace, Malad, AAlind Fortuna is an epitome of functionality and style. Its elevation, for example, is a landmark in itself. Its thoughtful planning allows optimum utilization of resources. Moreover, AAlind Fortuna’s location, proximity to other companies and facilities are a big advantage. All in all, this money hub packs in a globe of positives that pillar growth.

Book your office space with AALind Fortuna. Shift to a mindset that spells progress.


Offices, that blend-in function with fashion.

AAlind Fortuna flaunts offices that are just the right mix of ambience and the practical work spaces styled for privacy, comfort, interactions and those big, business deals.

Essentially, the project displays ultra-sophisticated offices spread across 2 wings. These office spaces range from 1,000 sq. ft. scalable up to 6,500 sq. ft, per floor. One can easily merge and expand the offices at AAlind Fortuna with minimum number of columns affecting the continuity of the floor.